1. First Aid Kits
    2. First Aid Kits In our daily lives, people can get sick, or injured accidentally all of a sudden. In these cases, someone got freaked out and didn’t the do the first aid the right way and in time. First aid kits play an important roll in such emergencies before professional medical workers are available.
    1. Empty Boxes and Bags
    2. Empty Boxes and Bags The empty boxes and bags of our first aid kits come with novel shapes and styles. They are suitable for different places.
      The material for the boxes and bags are environmentally friendly. It is convenient to carry our products. Besides, the color and style of these empty first aid product boxes are customizable.
    1. Safety Signs, Notices and Labels
    2. Safety Signs, Notices and Labels Based on our years of experience in the first aid gear industry, we provide a number of mature products including safety signs, notices and labels. However if you have some special requirements for color, size, pattern, or other parameters, we can produce products exactly you wanted.
    1. Emergency Supplies
    2. Emergency Supplies The emergency supplies comprise a number of auxiliary emergency medical products for the first aid, including stretcher, surgical scissors, first aid blanket, resuscitation face shield, high visibility clothing, and so on.
    1. First Aid Dressings
    2. First Aid Dressings The first aid dressings are made of pressure bandage and water absorption pad. They are used for the wound treatment in emergencies to stop the bleeding quickly and bind up the wound well. The water absorption pad is supposed to be hypoallergenic, non-adherent and of great absorption ability.
    1. Wound Dressings
    2. Wound Dressings Our wound dressings mainly comprise non-adherent dressing pad, adhesive wound dressing, wound plaster, and so on. These dressings contact directly with wounds, so they have to be hypoallergenic, sterilized, and individually packed.
    1. Bandages
    2. Bandages Materials used for fixing and protecting wounded areas are essential to surgeries, and also could be used for emergencies in field actions. Great bandages should be easy to use and good-looking, and have proper pressure, great air permeability, desirable infection resistance, and low allergy risk, so that the wounds can heal as soon as possible.
    1. Medical Tapes
    2. Medical Tapes Medical tapes are used for fixing the dressings on the wounds. They mainly comprise of PE tape, silk tape, waterproof tape, and so on.
    1. Gauze Products
    2. Gauze Products Gauze products are usually used for bandaging the wounds, fixing the dressings, or making masks. We provide gauze roll, surgical tower, Kerlix bandage, and so on.
    1. Cotton Products
    2. Cotton Products Cotton products are important materials for cleaning, bandaging and protecting wounds. They commonly include cotton ball, zig-zag cotton, dental cotton roll, cotton buds and so on.
    1. Dressing Sets
    2. Dressing Sets Dressing sets are a series of medical products that include different combinations of medical objects, which usually contain surgical drape, gauze sheet, non-woven fabric, forceps, surgical scissor, and glove, for conducting surgeries or cleaning wounds.
    1. Medical Tapes
    2. Medical Tapes Our non-woven products is made of non-woven fabrics. The non-woven fabrics are made from bonded long fibers. As a kind of environmentally friendly material, it features with moistureproof, air permeable, flexible, lightweight, nonflammable, toxicant-free, antibacterial, cheap and recyclable.
    1. Sports Bandages
    2. Sports Bandages Sports bandages are used for preventing sport injures, handling emergencies, promoting sport injury recovery, and avoiding the recurrence of the sports injuries. The bandages can prevent important parts (joints, muscles, muscle tendons) of the body from exceeding their moving ranges.
    1. Support Bandages
    2. Support Bandages Support bandages are usually used for protecting the body getting injured, especially for joint injury and muscle strain. They generally include head band, knee support, wrist support, and so on. A certain degree of elasticity is needed for the support bandages to provide proper pressure and moving range.
    1. Family Healthcare
    2. Family Healthcare Our family healthcare products have excellent quality. They have been selling well in Europe and the United States for years. The products include cold & hot packs, instant cold pack, pill box, and so on.
    1. Surgery and Nursing
    2. Surgery and Nursing The surgery and nursing products are mostly used in the operating room. The products include disposable syringe, transfusion set, insulin syringe, syringe needle, and so on.
    1. Medical Equipment
    2. Medical Equipment We offer a variety of commonly used medical equipment, including stethoscope, thermometer, and sphygmomanometer. All these medical instruments are certified by CE, so customers can feel secure to purchase and use.
    1. Acupuncture Products
    2. Acupuncture Products Traditional Chinese medicine is extensive and profound. Carrying the experience and theoretical knowledge of ancient Chinese people struggling with diseases, traditional Chinese medicine still retains vitality after spreading for thousands of years.