First Aid Kits

In our daily lives, people can get sick, or injured accidentally all of a sudden. In these cases, someone got freaked out and didn’t the do the first aid the right way and in time. First aid kits play an important roll in such emergencies before professional medical workers are available.

First aid kits used at places like home, outdoor place, automobile, hospital, and factory, are usually different with each other in terms of configuration. However, some things are essential to all of them, such as bandage, gauze, band-aid, wound dressing, medical tape, PE gloves, and so on.

Our metal box, plastic box, and soft bag are all made of eco-friendly materials. They are waterproof, dustproof and convenient to carrying and placing. Besides, their colors and styles are customizable. For example, the objects in the first aid gear will be subjected to disinfection, while the configuration comes with different items and quantities according to your requirements.

Additionally, we provide OEM service. Custom package and LOGO are all available.

Related Names 
First Aid Bag | Emergency Kit

    1. BSI First Aid Kits
    2. BSI First Aid Kits The BSI first aid kit is up to the latest U.K. BSI standard - BS8599-1. It is suitable for public places (BS8599-1 for workplace) like office, school, and hospital. Other products up to BS8599-1 for catering and BS8599-1 for travel are also available.
    1. Portable First Aid Kit
    2. Portable First Aid Kit The portable first aid kit, as an excellent first aid equipment, is mainly used during traveling, but also can be used at home or in the car. It is made of eco-friendly material, nylon. The specially treated material is waterproof, dustproof and anti-tear.
    1. Automobile First Aid Kit
    2. Automobile First Aid Kit The automobile first aid kit, as a kind of medical products, is mainly for using in the car. It meets the DIN 13164 standard, and can be packed in a box or a bag. The bag is made of environmentally friendly material, nylon, which is specially treated to get waterproof, dustproof and anti-tear properties.
    1. Universal First Aid Kit
    2. Universal First Aid Kit The universal first aid kit is available in 3 types (small, medium, large), which are described above. They can be fixed at public places like office, or private places like home and car.
      The box for the wound care products is all made of eco-friendly materials.
    1. Home First Aid Kit
    2. Home First Aid Kit The home first aid kit is mainly for domestic emergency. It is made of eco-friendly material. The structure of the box is well designed so the product is waterproof and dustproof. A handle is available on the top of the box, while there is a belt fastener on the back.
    1. Car First Aid Kit
    2. Car First Aid Kit The car first aid kit series products come from 3 types, namely small type, medium type and large type. The sizes of these three types of products are detailed above. They are mainly for in the car accident first aid. The box is made of eco-friendly material.
    1. Workplace First Aid Kit
    2. Workplace First Aid Kit The workplace first aid kit is mainly for emergencies in the offices. However, it is also suitable for place like home and car, as well as carrying on the travel. The bag is made of eco-friendly material, and the structure is well designed to make the product waterproof and dustproof.
    1. Infection Control Kit
    2. Infection Control Kit The infection control kit can avoid cross infection during mouth to mouth resuscitation. The bag is made of eco-friendly material - nylon. The material for the first aid case is specially treated so it is waterproof and dustproof.
    1. Keyring Pouch Resuscitation Kit
    2. Keyring Pouch Resuscitation Kit The keyring pouch resuscitation kit is a kind of portable first aid equipment. The pouch is made of eco-friendly material - nylon, which is specially treated so the kit is waterproof and dustproof. There is a convenient hook and loop design at the opening part.

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