Family Healthcare

Our family healthcare products have excellent quality. They have been selling well in Europe and the United States for years. The products include cold & hot packs, instant cold pack, pill box, and so on.

We provide OEM service. The package of the family healthcare products is customizable. The logo can be printed as per your requirements.

    1. Instant Ice Pack
    2. Instant Ice Pack The disposable instant ice pack can work as an instant cold source within 3 seconds, mainly used for cold compress, emergency wound treatment and other unexpected situations. It is universally used in sports venues or outdoor sports venues.
    1. Instant Hot Pack
    2. Instant Hot Pack Using instant hot pack, you need to squeeze the inner bag with your hands to make the filler react and release its heat. The pack has high heating speed and can give out heat continuously for 30 minutes.
    1. Cold & Hot Packs
    2. Cold & Hot Packs Cold & Hot Packs can be used for both cold compress and hot compress. After being frozen in refrigerators, it can be used for cold compress, and it can be used for hot compress after being heated in a microwave oven.
    1. Gel Slipper & Insole
    2. Gel Slipper & Insole The gel slipper and insole are available for hot or cold usage. The liquid gel in the insoles is soft and smoothing, making the inner sole fit easily in any types of shoes, boots or sneakers. The feet could be very comfortable within your shoes. Besides the gel insole and gel houseclothes can also help stimulate blood circulation.
    1. Hand Warmer
    2. Hand Warmer The hand warmer is used for promotion items or used to make hand or body warm in the winter. It works especially effectively on muscle aching, arthritis pain and etc. The hand warmer is reusable, non-toxic and non-caustic. We have quite a lot of colors for you to choose.
    1. Eye Mask
    2. Eye Mask The eye mask can relieve black eyes and wrinkles around eyes or on the face, keeping the eye and face beautiful. It can also be used for relieving tiredness and recover readily. The eye mask is reusable, non-toxic and non-caustic.
    1. Heat Pack
    2. Heat Pack The heat pack can be used as both cold compression bag and hot compression bag. We have different types of heat pack for lower neck area, eye area, and lower back area.
    1. Hot Pack
    2. Hot Pack The hot pack can promote the blood circulation in different parts of the body, and relax the tense muscles. The suitable parts for the hot pack include neck, shoulder, and back waist.
    1. Hot Water Bottle
    2. Hot Water Bottle Hot water bottle is made of natural rubber, which can be used at night to keep warm and promote sleeping quality. It can promote blood circulation as well. It can also relieve joint pain, low back pain, sciatica, dysmenorrhea and other symptoms.
    1. Ear Syringe
    2. Ear Syringe The material of the ear syringe could be rubber or PVC.
    1. Pill Box
    2. Pill Box The pill box is used for keeping different medicines separately in its compartments and reminding the patients to take the medicines on time.
      Using the medicine case, patients can rapidly identify unknown

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