Emergency Supplies

The emergency supplies comprise a number of auxiliary emergency medical products for the first aid, including stretcher, surgical scissors, first aid blanket, resuscitation face shield, high visibility clothing, and so on.

We provide OEM service. All the packages and logos are available according to your requirements. Please contact us if you have any questions.

    1. Walking Stick
    2. Walking Stick It is quite convenient to take this lightweight walking stick.
      The walking stick is available in different types (such as foldable walking stick) for different purposes.
    1. Ambulance Stretcher
    2. Ambulance Stretcher Reliable fixing parts and safety belt are available.
      Our ambulance stretcher is typically suitable for hospital, stadium, ambulance, and battle field.
    1. Folding Stretcher
    2. Folding Stretcher The ordable design of the healthcare stretcher results in less storage space and convenient carrying
      Reliable fixing parts and safety belt are available for our aluminium strether.
    1. Scoop Stretcher
    2. Scoop Stretcher Reliable fixing parts and safety belt are available for this emergency stretcher.
      Our scoop stretcher is typically suitable for hospital, stadium, ambulance, and battlefield.
    1. Scissors
    2. Scissors Suitable for cutting dressings and bandages
      The blunt lower blade of the scissors can prevent people's skin being cut.
      The lister bandage scissors are reusable
    1. Forceps
    2. Forceps The forceps are typically suitable for surgery and first aid. Specifically, they can be used for grabbing, maneuvering, or removing various things within or from human body
      Stainless steel material
    1. Foil Survival Blanket
    2. Foil Survival Blanket The foil survival blanket can retain most radiated body heat and protect body against wind and rain. It is an ideal product for treating or preventing hypothermia after accepting first aid. As a piece of powerful tool, the foil survival blandet can be included in a common first aid box and used with other products.
    1. Cotton Cellular Blanket
    2. Cotton Cellular Blanket The cotton cellular blanket, as an emergency product, is made of 100% washable cotton. The hemmed edge at each side can alleviate fraying. The lightweight blanket can retain the air in its cellular structure, making the warm-keeping blanket quite great
    1. Tick Removal Tool
    2. Tick Removal Tool Pull upward using the tick removing tool with steady, even pressure. Don't twist or jerk the tick which can cause the mouth parts to break off and remain in the skin. If this happens, please remove the mouth parts with tweezers. If you are not able to remove the mouth easily with clean tweezers, just leave it alone and let the skin heal.
    1. Bio Hazard Bags
    2. Bio Hazard Bags The high quality plastic used for our bio waster bags can effectively prevent hazard objects in it from leaking.
      The medical waste bags in bright color have biohazard signs on them for easy recognition.
    1. Cervical Collar
    2. Cervical Collar The cervical has a foam core which is covered by 100% white cotton stockinette. With this medical collar, your neck or head will get an appropriate degree of stabilization. Before use our cervical collar, please measure the circumference
    1. Sharps Containers
    2. Sharps Containers The sharps containers we provide are made of high quality plastic. These medical products containers are durable, and can prevent sharp objects from piercing the sharps disposable containers effectively. Besides, the color of the sharps containers is customizable.
    1. Paraffin Gauze
    2. Paraffin Gauze The paraffin gauze is used for burn wounds. It is made of gauze covered with soft sticky substance—paraffin, which is a bit like petroleum jelly. The pack and size are detailed in the table above. Other sizes are also available as per your requirements.
    1. Hydrogel Impregnated Burn Dressing
    2. Hydrogel Impregnated Burn Dressing The hydrogel impregnated burn dressing can moisturizes the burn area. The tea-tree oil in it can cool the skin thereby minimize the trauma or tissue damage. These medical dressings are non-adherent and can be removed with cool water or saline solution without causing any discomfort.
    1. Antiseptic Wipes
    2. Antiseptic Wipes Our antiseptic wipes are all sterile, and packed with aluminium pouches individually. They are disposable and for external use only.
      The using method is quite simple,just tear off the pouch, and clean the wounds and surrounding areas gently.
    1. Resuscitation Face Shield
    2. Resuscitation Face Shield The resuscitation face shield is designed to offer protection to both the first aider and patient when performing mouth to mouth resuscitation. It is an excellent barrier to moisture and can help prevent the transfer of bodily fluids, and thereby prevent over 99% viruses and bacteria that can cause diseases.
    1. Pen Torch
    2. Pen Torch Our pen torch is fully re-usable multi-functional medical pen light. It needs two AAA batteries (not supplied). The 4.8LM bulb is suitable for a medical examination tool, especially for examining eyes and mouth. The lapel on the pen torch is used for switch on/off the light.
    1. Pick-up Reacher
    2. Pick-up Reacher Our pick-up reacher, also called pick-up grabber, has a hand operated mechanical handle, so you can use it to keep a safe distance from the source of danger which you want to deal with. We use aluminium and ABS material for the pick-up reacher to make it firm and steady.
    1. High Visibility Clothing
    2. High Visibility Clothing Part of the surface of the fluorescent garment is covered by retroreflective stripes. This way they become much more visible in the dark for observers near a light source, such as the driver of a car with the car’s headlights on.

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