Medical Products Supplier

HIGHSIDE specializes in the production and trade of first aid supplies, medical supplies, and medical instruments. Our products include medical and emergency first aid kits, car first aid kits, medical dressing and wound care supplies, surgical and nursing supplies, and so on. Besides, our disposable medical supplies come with excellent quality and reasonable price, and they are being sold in chain pharmacies, markets and supermarkets. Our customers include dealers and purchasers in many countries. We have also provided OEM service for many famous companies like Target, Tesco, TEVA Pharmaceutical, Alliance Boots, and so on.

    1. First Aid Supplies The first aid supplies are mainly for emergent medical support. They can be kept at public places like hospital, factory, canteen, and school, as well as private places like in the car or at home.
    1. Dressings and Wound Care Our dressings and wound care products are mainly used for taking care of patients’ wounds by providing the them with a safe and hygienic environment. This healthcare product line comprises first aid dressings
    1. Sports and Family Healthcare The sports and family healthcare products are mainly used for sport protection, easing the pain in the muscles and joints, protecting the wounded positions, and caring physiotherapy.
    1. Medical Instruments The medical instruments are mainly used in the examination, injection, transfusion, surgery. The products include surgery and nursing equipment, medical equipment and acupuncture products.