First Aid Dressings

The first aid dressings are made of pressure bandage and water absorption pad. They are used for the wound treatment in emergencies to stop the bleeding quickly and bind up the wound well. The water absorption pad is supposed to be hypoallergenic, non-adherent and of great absorption ability. The pressure bandage could be elastic or inelastic, but have to fix the dressings firmly.

All of the first aid dressings are sterilized, so it is highly safe to use them on the wounds. The wound dressings are packed individually, so the contamination risk is greatly reduced. Many products of this product line are involved in first aid kits, and used with other kinds of product.

We provide OEM service. The package and the LOGO on it are customizable according to your needs.

Related Names 
Ambulance Dressing

    1. HSE Dressings
    2. HSE Dressings The HSE dressings are typically suitable for first aid, as well as for refilling all HSE first aid kits.
      The HSE first aid dressing is available in flow wrapped or boxed for easier visibility in first aid kits and cabinets.
    1. Rapid Healing Wound Dressings
    2. Rapid Healing Wound Dressings The unmedicated non-adherent pad can cushion the wound and absorb any exudates, while the strong conforming bandage can hold the dressing tight.
      The rapid healing wound dressings are suitable for first aiders
    1. Double Wound Dressing Roll
    2. Double Wound Dressing Roll The double wound dressing roll is suitable for using by first aiders, paramedics, emergency services. It is also an ideal component for first aid kits.
      The product is available in flow wrapped/pouched/boxed, so you can find this healthcare product more easily in first aid cabinets and kits.
    1. Ambulance Dressings
    2. Ambulance Dressings The ambulance dressings comprise of a non-adhesive pad and an extra long conforming bandage whose edge has been fastened.
      The medical dressings are all sterilized and then packed individually.
    1. Single Wound Dressing Roll
    2. Single Wound Dressing Roll The sterile single wound dressing roll, as a medical product, is wrapped individually.
      The pad is designed to be none-adhesive, while the edge of the extra long conforming bandage is fastened.
    1. Eye Pad With Conforming Bandage
    2. Eye Pad With Conforming Bandage The eye pad with conforming bandage has been sterilized and is individually wrapped.
      The non-adherent eye pad comes with stretch conforming bandage.
    1. Adhesive Eye Pad
    2. Adhesive Eye Pad The adhesive eye pad is available in flow pouched or boxed for easier visibility in first aid kits and cabinets.
    1. Compression Wound Dressing
    2. Compression Wound Dressing Vacuum pack is applied so as to minimize the size and make the product waterproof.
      It is suitable for almost any part of the body, and it is ideal for using in military first aid kits
    1. Eye Pad With Knitted Loop
    2. Eye Pad With Knitted Loop The eye pad with knitted loop is suitable for eye wound care. It is also an ideal component for HSE first aid kits, especially for BS-8599-1 products.
      The product is available in flow wrapped/pouched/boxed, so you can find it more easily in first aid kits and cabinets.
    1. Non-Adhesive Eye Pad
    2. Non-Adhesive Eye Pad The non-adhesive eye pad is sterilized before packed individually.
      The dressing is totally latex free and hypoallergenic.
      The high pressure bandage allows direct pressure to be applied quickly and maintained easily
    1. Eye Mask
    2. Eye Mask The eye mask, also known as eye cover or eye shield, is made of soft cloth and rubber strings. It can protect the eye dressing from being contaminated. The eye mask is in black, pink, and green, while other colors are also available according to your requirements. The product could be pouched/bagged/boxed as you wish.
    1. Finger Dressing
    2. Finger Dressing The finger dressing is a stretchy, non-stick, and latex free bandage for small cuts on fingers.
      The product is sterilized before packed individually.
    1. Finger Stalls/Thumb Stalls
    2. Finger Stalls/Thumb Stalls The finger stalls and thumb stalls are made of leather or PVC. They can cover the dressings on the fingers just like a cap to keep it clean and dry, while an elasticated loop is available to hold the stalls tight. The finger sheathes come in black, blue, or transparent.
    1. Non-Woven Triangular Bandage
    2. Non-Woven Triangular Bandage The non-woven triangular bandage is in white color. It comes in sterile type and non-sterile type and is wrapped individually. The first aid bandage can be used for supporting an arm as a sling or helping hold a splint still as additional support. It is an ideal component
    1. Calico Triangular Bandage
    2. Calico Triangular Bandage The calico triangular bandage is made of cotton and packed individually. It comes in sterile type and non-sterile type. The calico bandage can support an arm as a sling or help hold a splint tight as an additional support. After usage, it can be washed and reused.
    1. Gauze Dressing
    2. Gauze Dressing The gauze dressing is hypoallergenic and latex free.
      Before wrapped individually, the product has been sterilized
      The first aid dressing is non-adherent and super absorbent. It can absorb fluid of over 10 times its weight.
    1. Calcium Alginate Dressing
    2. Calcium Alginate Dressing The calcium alginate in the non-woven fiber of the dressing can react with wound exudates, forming a kind of gel and then providing a moist wound environment.

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