Acupuncture Products

Traditional Chinese medicine is extensive and profound. Carrying the experience and theoretical knowledge of ancient Chinese people struggling with diseases, traditional Chinese medicine still retains vitality after spreading for thousands of years.

Our company supplies premium acupuncture products, including sterile acupuncture needles and moxa accessories, for traditional Chinese medicine treatment and care.

We offer OEM service for our acupuncture supplies. Packaging and logo printing can be made according to your requirements, so as to meet your personalized needs.

    1. Sterile Acupuncture Needles
    2. Sterile Acupuncture Needles Sterilized with EO gas, our sterile acupuncture needle is available with or without tube.
      We offer premium copper handle acupuncture needle, steel handle acupuncture needle, and plastic handle acupuncture needle. The handle is coated with gold, silver, or nickel.
    1. Moxa Accessories
    2. Moxa Accessories We provide four types of moxa accessories. Five or ten moxa sticks are packed in a box.

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