Non-Woven Products

Our non-woven products is made of non-woven fabrics. The non-woven fabrics are made from bonded long fibers. As a kind of environmentally friendly material, it features with moistureproof, air permeable, flexible, lightweight, nonflammable, toxicant-free, antibacterial, cheap and recyclable. Besides, it is also easy to decompose, and could come with many colors.

The non-woven products mainly include abdominal pad, protective coverall, surgical draped, face mask and so on.

We also provide OEM service. Custom package and the logo on it are available according to your requirements.

Related Names 

    1. Non-Woven Swabs
    2. Non-Woven Swabs The non-woven swabs are made of non-woven fabric. They are high absorbent, soft, smooth, strong and virtually lint free. They are used for disinfecting, general cleaning, and cushioning and protecting wounds.
    1. Surgical Drape
    2. Surgical Drape Surgical drape provides a unique barrier to bacterial contamination and its advanced antimicrobial property reduces the growth and migration of skin flora during surgical procedures, reducing the risk of surgical site infection.
    1. Fenestrated Drape
    2. Fenestrated Drape The fenestrated drape provides a unique barrier to bacterial contamination and its advanced antimicrobial property reduces the growth and migration of skin flora during surgical procedures, reducing the risk of surgical site infection
    1. Burn Dressing
    2. Burn Dressing The burn dressing is made of polypropylene non-woven fabric. It is typically suitable for burned wounds. The burn wound dressing could be used directly or cut into pieces.
    1. Abdominal Pad
    2. Abdominal Pad The abdominal pad is made from 100% wood pulp. It is an ideal product for handling heavy drainage, while keeping the wound dry. The abdominal pad can also be used together with other dressings for additional protection
    1. Isolation Gown
    2. Isolation Gown The kintted cuffs and strong sealed seams or the medical gown can withstand tough conditions, offering great protection.
      The generously sized isolation gown comes with long waist ties and hook-and-loop closure, fitting everybody well.
    1. Disposable Surgical Gown
    2. Disposable Surgical Gown Our disposable surgical gown is made of breathable and soft medical fabric. So it can keep you cool and comfortable. The product is splash-resistant and fluid- resistant. Lockstitch sewing technique is adopted, so the appearance of our surgery coat is beautiful while the structure is firm.
    1. Protective Coverall
    2. Protective Coverall Our protective coverall is made of breathable and soft medical fabric, which is splash-resistant and highly fluid resistant. We have adopted lockstitch sewing technique, so the product is beautiful while its structure is strong.
    1. Non-Woven Mob Cap
    2. Non-Woven Mob Cap The non-woven mob cap is made of soft non-woven green/blue cloth. It is specially designed to protect the patients against the hair and drandruft from the doctors and other attending staff.
    1. Non-Woven Face Mask
    2. Non-Woven Face Mask Our non-woven face mask is made of soft non-woven green/blue cloth. The texture of the medical face shield is fiberglass free, hypoallergenic and breathable. The filtration performance of the non-woven face mask is great.
    1. Shoe Cover
    2. Shoe Cover The shoe cover is made of soft non-woven green/blue cloth. It is disposable and ready for use. The price is quite reasonable, and the shoe cover is lint free.
    1. Dust Mask
    2. Dust Mask The dust mask is made from medical PP material. It is widely used as personal health equipment in medical-health departments, food industry (such as food powder factories), cement industry, and textile factories.
    1. Aprons & Sleeve
    2. Aprons & Sleeve Our aprons & sleeve are made from lightweight PE material. They are ideal medical products for keeping clothes clean during messy tasks, such as food preparation and nursing. The aprons & sleeve are available in white or blue.
    1. Paper Face Mask
    2. Paper Face Mask The paper face mask is made of paper tissue. It is disposable, economical, soft, comfortable and breathable. The mask can effectively filtrate the contaminations produced by coughing or breathing. The 1/2 ply pleated face shield comes with elastic ear loops for securing.
    1. Gloves
    2. Gloves The gloves are lightweight and super thin, offering excellent dexterity. They are suitable for situations in which a certain degree of protection is required but the latex or vinyl gloves are too expensive.
    1. Under-pad
    2. Under-pad The under-pad is layered by multi-layer tissue or wood pulp with waterproof PE film, and non-allergic non-woven sheet. The product has great absorbency for liquid, so it can keep the skin dry. The SAP(Super Absorbent Polymer) is available.
    1. Protection Sheet
    2. Protection Sheet The protection sheet is made from PE film with non-woven fabric or tissue. The product is ideal for emergency and surgery. There are parallel blue enhancing lines inside the sheet. The size of the protective drape comes in 10, 20, and 40 threads.
    1. Diaper
    2. Diaper Our diaper is for a larger body than that of an infant or toddler. This product can be necessary for adults in various conditions, such as incontinence, mobility impairment, severe diarrhea and dementia.
    1. Pet Pad
    2. Pet Pad Our pet pad is made of tissue paper, wood pulp inside, and PE water proof film. It can effectively absorb the urine of pets, keeping the room clean, dry and odorless. Pet pheromone is available to attract the puppies to pee on the pad.
    1. Dental Bib
    2. Dental Bib Embossed, disposable and low-cost
      The great absorbency of the tooth bib can effectively absorb the splashed fluid.
      The PE film on the back can effectively avoid any leakage.
    1. Dental Apron
    2. Dental Apron The dental apron is made from pulp tissue and PE film, which can prevent fluid from striking through. It can effectively and rapidly absorb the splashed fluid.
    1. Patient Wipe
    2. Patient Wipe The patient wipe is made of non-woven fabric polyester and viscose. It is an ideal medical product for cleaning for patients or normal household use.
    1. Body Bag
    2. Body Bag The body bag is made from non-toxic PVC.
      Latex free
      Heavy weight, a tensile strength of 80N/25mm
      Can be attached with ID tag
    1. Medical Paper
    2. Medical Paper The medical paper is made from wood pulp. It is easy to tear at the perforation position at an interval of 30cm. The width of the medical grade paper comes in 39, 49, 59cm, while the length of the medical paper could be 50m, 100m, and 150m.

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