Why do we choose "HIGHSIDE" to customize medical and first-aid supplies?

1, Large range of products
Founded in 1993, our company has more than 20 years of experience in the production of first aid and medical products. We provide a large range of medical and nursing products, such as disposable consumables used in hospitals and first-aid products used in some scenarios, personal and family care products and sports protection products provided for retailers and sports stores. Our products are suitable for medical protection products procurement for government, hospital and supermarket.

In addition, our company provides professional biunique service, which enables customers to enjoy "one-stop shopping", and simplifies the customer's procurement process. We can design exclusive packages for customers, which greatly saves customers’ time. We can customize a complete set of medical and first-aid service for you according to your needs.

2. Strict quality management
1) We have successfully obtained ISO13485 system certification. All our products have passed FDA, CE, BRC and many other certificates. HIGHSIDE has rich experience in all kinds of inspection and has successfully passed many third-party audits such as BOOTS, TESCO, WAL-MART, etc. For each batch of products, we will arrange special inspectors to check and test the products to ensure the quality of our goods.

2) HIGHSIDE has a complete set of quality management system to strictly make the products aseptic and dustless.

We have our own factories and production chains for products that need disinfection. We have purification workshop, disinfection workshop, professional QC, complete certificates and many other qualifications.

The first-aid program we have done:

1) We have made specific first-aid medicine bags for cars. Besides, our products, take our blue traceable Band-Aid for example, are widely used in catering.
2) We also produce first-aid medicine bags for family, such as cold and hot compress products, burning dressing products and so on.
3) We have done OEM processing for many famous brands, such as TESCO, TARGET, ALLIANCE BOOTS, TEVA PHARMACEUTICAL, etc.