Gauze Products

Gauze products are usually used for bandaging the wounds, fixing the dressings, or making masks. We provide gauze roll, surgical tower, Kerlix bandage, and so on.

The gauze comes in sterile gauze and non-sterile gauze. Those for directly contacting the wounds need to be sterilized before being packed in sterilized packages.

We also provide OEM service. The package and the LOGO on it are customizable. Please contact us if you have other requirements for our gauze products.

Related Names 
Cotton Gauze

    1. Non-Sterile Cotton Gauze Swabs
    2. Non-Sterile Cotton Gauze Swabs Our non-sterile cotton gauze swabs are made from 100% cotton gauze. They can cushion and protect the wounds well.
    1. Sterile Gauze Swabs
    2. Sterile Gauze Swabs High absorbency
      Sterilized with ETO or gamma radiation
      Balanced combination of softness and abrasive textures
    1. Lap Sponge
    2. Lap Sponge Our lap sponge is made of 100% cotton gauze. It has high absorbency. Each product is sterilized with ETO or gamma radiation.
    1. Gauze Roll
    2. Gauze Roll Our gauze roll is made from 100% cotton gauze. It has high absorbency and is not sterilized.
    1. Gauze Ball
    2. Gauze Ball Our gauze ball is made from highly absorbent 100% cotton gauze. It is used for wound cleaning and skin disinfection, and absorbing blood and exudates. The package of the gauze ball comes with sterile type and non-sterile type.
    1. Surgical Towel
    2. Surgical Towel The surgical towel is made of highly quality 100% cotton. It is available in white, green, and blue. The surgical towel is available with holes or not.
    1. Kerlix Bandage
    2. Kerlix Bandage Our kerlix bandage is made of highly quality 100% cotton. Its mesh is 12×6. All the parameters of the kerlix bandage meet the BP standard.

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