Cotton Products

Cotton products are important materials for cleaning, bandaging and protecting wounds. They commonly include cotton ball, zig-zag cotton, dental cotton roll, cotton buds and so on.

Quality cotton products should be soft, odorless, and highly absorbent. In practice, customers will have them further processed into their final products, so the cotton medical products usually don’t need to be sterilized. However, we also provide sterilized products. Besides, we can process the cotton into other products like gauze covered cotton roll.

The products can be roughly divided into several grades according to the cotton quality.
1. The super grade cotton sheet and cotton roll are mainly used for hospital dressings, precision instruments like optical facility.
2. The excellent grade products are typically used for hospital dressings, handmade cotton bud, and domestic medical products.
3. Normal grade cotton products are usually used for gauze covered cotton, health center, medical or civil filtrating material.

OEM service is available. The package and the logo on it are all customizable.

Related Names 
Cotton Wool | Cotton Roll | Cotton Ball

    1. Cotton Roll
    2. Cotton Roll Our cotton roll is made of high quality absorbent and bleached cotton. It is soft, no splash, no spot, and odorless. The cotton roll is widely used in medical industry like cushioning wounds and pressure immobilisation techniques.
    1. Cotton Ball
    2. Cotton Ball Our cotton ball is made of high quality absorbent and bleached cotton. It is used for skin sterilization before injection and medical dressings usage, as well as cleaning medical appliances.
    1. Zig-Zag Cotton
    2. Zig-Zag Cotton Our zig-zag cotton is made of high quality absorbent cotton. It is used for cleaning or absorbing the blood. The size of the zig-zag cotton comes in 10g, 25g, 35g, 50g, 60g, 100g, 200g, 250g and 500g.
    1. Dental Cotton Roll
    2. Dental Cotton Roll Our dental cotton roll is made of high quality absorbent cotton. It is a great product for dental treatment. Plastic bag is used for packing the dental cotton roll to prevent the products from moisture and dust.
    1. Cotton Buds
    2. Cotton Buds Our cotton bud is made of 100% natural cotton and plastic or wooden stick. The cotton tip is naturally absorbent and gentle, and touches comfortable. In our daily lives, the swab is used for cleaning and drying skin between fingers

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