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Empty Boxes and Bags

The empty boxes and bags of our first aid kits come with novel shapes and styles. They are suitable for different places.

The material for the boxes and bags are environmentally friendly. It is convenient to carry our products. Besides, the color and style of these empty first aid product boxes are customizable.

We provide OEM service. The package of the product and the LOGO on it are available according to your requirements.

If you are interested in our empty boxes and bags, feel free to contact us for more information.

Related Names 
First Aid Box | First Aid Bag

    1. Plastic First Aid Box
    2. Plastic First Aid Box Detachable compartment board for different combinations
      Suitable racket and hook are available. The plastic first aid kit box can be installed on the wall for placing the box.
    1. Aluminium First Aid Box
    2. Aluminium First Aid Box The first aid box is made of aluminium alloy material, which has high toughness and antirust property
      Special and durable locking device at the opening part of the medical box
    1. Metal First Aid Cabinet
    2. Metal First Aid Cabinet The material for the metal first aid cabinet is high toughness stainless steel board, which is suitable for outdoor application
      The metal first aid cabinet is pained with eco-friendly paint, which is antirust, waterproof, dustproof, easy to clean, and available in custom color
    1. Eye Wash Case
    2. Eye Wash Case The eye wash case comes with a special inner structure with positions for two bottles of 500ml eye lotion, two eye pad dressings and a mirror
      The color of the eye wash box is customizable
    1. Portable First Aid Bag
    2. Portable First Aid Bag Compartment bags in the first aid bag for placing different items
      Customizable material, color, style, structure and size are available for the portable first aid case according to different requirements of consumers

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