Medical Tapes

Medical tapes are used for fixing the dressings on the wounds. They mainly comprise of PE tape, silk tape, waterproof tape, and so on.

The major factors to the tapes’ adhesiveness are as follows:
1. Adhesiveness to materials. When we need the pressure sensitive tape to fix some medical materials (such as operation towel) on patient’s skin, it should stick to the materials’ surface firmly.
2. Adhesiveness to skin. The tape’s adhesiveness to skin should be moderate, rather than as strong as possible. Its suitability could be assessed by measuring the peel strength of the tape on skin.
3. Material and sterilization method. The product performance could be influenced by different sterilization methods in a slightly different way. So the material of the tape should match the sterilization method.

If the skin is allergic to the medical tapes, the guidance below can be used for getting rid of the itch.
1. Remove the tapes that you are allergic to.
2. Try to avoid any contact with medical tapes again.
3. Weather changes may have some impacts on the symptoms. You can take some medicines as per doctor’s advice.
4. Usually, the symptoms will disappear after a certain period of time with no medical treatment. If the skin gets edematous or festering, or other serious problems happened, please see the doctor immediately.
5. If it is allergic dermatitis, which is relevant to weather change, diet, immune system, try to avoid spicy foods, seafood, mutton and beef.
6. Use a bandage instead of the tape to treat the wounds.

Additionally, we also provide OEM service. The package and the logo on it are customizable.

Related Names 
Adhesive Tape | Plasters

    1. Micropore Tape
    2. Micropore Tape The risk of trauma caused during the dressing removal is greatly reduced.
      The medical tapes are highly permeable for both air and water vapor, so the skin could always keep dry
    1. Silk Tape
    2. Silk Tape The silk fabric is permeable for both air and water vapor, so the skin could always be comfortable.
      Our products are hypoallergenic tapes, so they can be used for sensitive skin like children's skin.
    1. PE Tape
    2. PE Tape Our PE tape is made from medical grade transparent micropore PE film. It can be used for fixing dressings, cannula, catheter, and other tubes.
    1. Waterproof Tape
    2. Waterproof Tape The waterproof tape is made from cotton fabric which is coated with PE. It causes little trauma when is being removed. The tape is hypoallergenic, so it could be used on sensitive skins for example the children's skin. The product could be pre-cut tape.
    1. Zinc Oxide Tape
    2. Zinc Oxide Tape The zinc oxide tape is made of medical grade fabric.
      The fabric is porous, so the skin under it can be rather comfortable.
      The zinc oxide is skin-friendly.
    1. Elastic Fabric Strapping
    2. Elastic Fabric Strapping The skin-friendly zinc oxide adhesive can reduce the flexion of joints and provide support. The hypoallergenic elastic strapping could be used on sensitive skin or children's skin.
      It is easy to tear the tape by hand, and the edges can be serrated.

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